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App for modding GTA 5

Script Hook V is a free modification for the popular action game, Grand Theft Auto V. This game utility is a library that allows you to use GTA V script native functions in custom ASI plugins. This distribution also includes the latest ASI Loader and Native Trainer. Players must note, however, that this software does not work in GTA Online. The script hook disables custom scripts whenever the player goes in multiplayer. 

How to install the mod

Script Hook V  is an application used for modding in GTA V. To install the app, you need to extract the zipped file, open the Bin folder, and copy the files. You can then paste it to the main game, where the GTA5.exe is located.  The extracted file also comes with a Native Trainer that you can add to your vanilla game if you don't have it already.

To load ASI plugins, you need to have ASI Loader installed. You can download it separately or you can use the latest version that comes with the distribution of your copy of this tool. Note that you need to make sure that the version of the app supports the GTA V version. You also need to make sure that you update the app whenever GTA 5 adds a new update.

The constant update is also a way for the mod to get around the anti-cheat system that GTA V game has. This is because the developers do not support this practice, and it detects the software as a cheat. With this, players who install the app will frequently get Script Hook V Critical Error whenever they try to launch the game. This error persists even in the Offline mode. 

Needs constant updating

Script Hook V is a handy app to have for modding in GTA V. It is free to download and use, no matter how many updates you need to install. The EXE file even comes with a native trainer that you can add to your vanilla game if you don’t have a trainer. However, this mod does not work for GTA Online. Also, you need to constantly update the app every time GTA V adds updates to the vanilla games to work around the anti-cheat system.


  • Allows to use GTA V script native functions
  • Contains the Native Trainer and ASI Loader
  • Easy installation


  • Does not work in GTA Online
  • Requires constant updating
  • Frequent Script Hook V Critical Error during game launch


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Script Hook V


Script Hook V 1.0.2060.0 for PC


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